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EASTER CUP International ice hockey tournament for youth and juniors

Welcome to the official internet sites of the international ice hockey tournament Easter Cup, which is held annualy in spring on the ice arenas in city Most since 2002. History of the tournament is otherwise little, but during this few years visited Easter Cup teams from 21 states of the world, from Canada, Sweden, England, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Holland, Romania, Belarus and Lithuania. It takes about 14 days and has periodically about 1200 participants. That’s why is this tournament one of the biggest ice hockey events in the Czech republic for youth and juniors.

Kategorien: U9-U18

Turnierdaten: März/April

1) Tournament dates and time, age of players and system of the tournament

Participating teams are divided to groups where they meet each other in group. After group games continues play-off games and games for final placement in the tournament. Eeach team has guaranteed to play 5 games in the tournament. Organizer reserves the right to adjust the game time.

Girls in age categories U 15-20 can be up to 2 years older, girls in age categories U 9-14 can be max. 1 year older

2) Game times

  • in age categories U 18-20 applies 3×20 min. effective/stopped time, according to the rules of ice hockey.
  • in age categories U 11-17 applies 3×15 min. effective/stopped time, according to the rules of ice hockey.
  • in age category U 9 applies 2×20 min. of running time (participate 3 players and 1 goalie) according to the rules of mini ice hockey.

3) Rating of the tournament

  1. in groups: number of points achieved, mutual matches, goal difference, more goals scored, lot.
  2. in Play-off: winner of game must be known. If game finish in tie, penalty shots will apply (at first each team has 3 shots, then 1 shot until final decision). Note: Penalty shots must be done always “with a new player”. It is NOT allowed to use the same player for more penalty shots!!!

4) Prizes

  • each active participant of the tournament will receive a commemorative photo
  • after each match – announcement of the best players of match (diploma + some prize)
  • all teams will receive diplomas according to their final standing
  • teams on 1st-3rd place will receive cups and medals for each player
  • will be awarded also the best goalie, the best forward, the best defenseman, the most productive player

5) Accommodation and meals

Accommodation and meals are provided exclusively by the organizer of the tournament. If you wish, we can ensure also bus service, Praguesightseeing with special Englishspeaking guide, lunch at Czech stylish restaurant near Charles bridge or Venceslas square, translator, trips etc.

6) Ice cleaning

  • in games 3×20 min. – after 2 period
  • in games 3×15 min. – after each game
  • in games 2×20 min. – after 2 matches

7) Health services

Guaranteed by organizer.

8) Objections

All objections are necessary to be handed in written form at last in 15 minutes after finishing of the match to management and enclose the deposit of 500 CZK (Czech crowns). In case that the tournament management acknowledges your protest you will get the deposit back.

9) Referees

Group of referees is guaranteed by cup organizer.

10) Team jerseys

Each team has to bring 2 sets of team jerseys of different colours.

11) Identification of players

Foreign teams: passports, Czech teams: players’ cards.





  1. Tag,  Abflug in Zürich 17:55, Ankunft in Prag 29:15mit Swiss, dann Transfer nach Most ins Hotel

2-4 Tag, Easter Cup Spiele

  1. Tag Transfer zum Flughafen, Abflug in Prag 19:55 Ankunft in Zürich 21:15 mit Swiss


  • Unterkunft im Doppel (für Fans, Staff) oder Dreier (Für Spieler) mit Frühstück im Hotel Cascade
  • Mittag und Nachtessen in der Pizzeria Capranica im Eisstadion Tag 2-4 (am 4en Tag nur Mittagessen) für Spieler/Staff
  • Alle Gebühren für das Turnier
  • Ein T-Shirt für jeden Spieler
  • Diplom für alle Teams
  • Pokal für Rang 1-3 und Medaillen für jeden Spieler
  • Der Beste Torhüter, der beste Verteidiger, der beste Stürmer und der wertvollste Spieler werden
  • Transfer vom/zum Flughafen
  • 1 Gepäckstück a 23 Kg pro Teilnehmer plus Handgepäck


  • Mittag- und Nachtessen im Hotel Cascade, Aufpreis CHF 25.—pro Spieler Staff
  • Zusätzliches Gepäckstück (Eishockeyausrüstung) auf den Flügen, Pris auf Anfrage


Start am 2. Tag um 08.00 Uhr, Ende am 4. Tag. um ca.16,00 Uhr

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