North York Hockey 2

Welcome to the King of the Rings!

250+ teams from all over the globe meet in Toronto to compete for the title of King of the Rings Champions and to enjoy the spectacle, bonus attractions and the buzz that has made this tournament famous.

The Championship Rings are won by a lucky handful; but all leave with memories to last a life time.

Kategorien: 2014 up to 2003

Level: AA, A / AE&MD (plus AAA & Elite for 2014-2012)

Turnierdaten: August


  • 5 Games min. 6 Games max.
  • All divisions play full ice
  • No gate fees
  • Exciting, new prizes for every player
  • Online standings & player stats

Newly Designed Championship Rings:
For the winning teams of the Rings Championship: 1 ring is awarded per player that is present on Sunday. The maximum per team is 16 rings
Tournament staff will retain the extra rings from smaller roster teams
Additional rings for larger rosters are available for purchase (pending supply)




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