Prag Hockey 2

Kategorien: Amateure, Senioren, Veteranen, Plausch

Divisions: 18+

4 teams –Elite group
4 teams – Hobby group


Group ELITE: lever C, D, E. There can play players with record on eliteprospect, but they must be 25 or more years old and at least 3 years inactive.

Group HOBBY: B, C, D. Player under the age of 40 cannot have any record on eliteprospect!!! Player over the age of 40 can have a record on eliteprospect but cannot be active for the last 5 years!!!

Turnierdaten: April

The package includes:

  • 5 matches / team (2x 20mins)
  • Accommodation in 4 **** hotel for 3 nights with breakfast
  • Unlimited access to the fitness centre, swimming pool, sauna
  • The winner of the tournament wins 500€ worth starting fee for the Tournament of Champions
  • Fee for referees
  • Fee for first aid workers
  • Fee for timekeeping
  • Fee for the order at the stadium
  • Fee for using the dressing room throughout the tournament
  • Fee for storing hockey equipment at the stadium throughout the tournament
  • Fee for ice adjustment after each match
  • Awards for the best goalkeeper, defender, forward and shooter
  • Trophies for the 3 best teams of each category at the tournament
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals for each player of the winning team
  • Tournament statistics
  • Photos from the tournament+ team photo
  • Small present from the tournament

Place of the tournament: Škoda Ice Rink, Přetlucká 3229/10, Prague 10 – Strašnice

ystem of the tournament: 5 matches per team (3 group + 1 semi-final + 1 final)

Prize for the winner:

The winner of the Elite Group will win the 500€ worth starting fee for the Tournament of Champions.

The winner of the Hobby Group will win the 500€ worth starting fee for the Tournament of Champions.

Minimum number of players in one team: 10 + 1 goalkeeper

Maximum number of players in one team: 20 + 1 goalkeeper

On Friday and Saturday evening you will be able to enjoy an amazing party for discounted price. Be sure you will drink a lots of beerduring these 2 nights!

More information about the programme along with the discounted price will be sent to the manager of your team after finishing the team registration for this tournament.


Day 1:

  • Arrival and accommodation
  • Free time


Day 2:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Qualifying matches
  • Free time


Day 3:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Semi-final matches
  • Party


Day 4:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Final matches
  • Evaluation of the tournament with the ceremony
  • Departure



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