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Kategorien: Squirt  U11/PeeWeeU13/BantamU15

Levels: A, BB, B mix

Turnierdaten: Februar

WHERE:  Redwood Empire Ice Arena (aka Snoopy’s Home Ice), Santa Rosa, CA

1. GENERAL: All USA Hockey rules shall apply, except as modified
2. COMPOSITION: In a three-team division each team will play each other twice. The 4-6 team divisions will consist of a
round robin, where all teams play a total of 3 games. The Championship round for these divisions will consist of the two
highest ranked teams after the round robin playing for 1st and 2nd place, and 3rd – 6th will play in a consolation round.
3. TIEBREAKERS: Tiebreaker/Advancement to Consolation or Playoff
If two or more teams have an equal number of points, their positions in the standings shall be determined by
the following tiebreaker formulas:
A . Total points acquired in games played by the tied teams.
B. Head to head competition – between the tied teams.
C . Most Wins between the tied teams.
D . Goal differential between the tied teams using Goals For (GF) minus Goals Against (GA) . The
differential is limited to a maximum of six GF for any individual game.
E . Fewest Goals against (GA) in all of the preliminary/round robin games.
F . Quotient formula (GF+GA)/GA in order of the greatest quotient.
G . Team with the least total number of penalty minutes for games played in preliminary games. In all
Championship games if a tie occurs at the end of regulation play, the winning team will be determined
A . A five (5) minute sudden death overtime period.
B . A five (5) puck per team shootout with teams alternating shots. The team with the most goals
after each team has shot 5 times or if during the shootout a differential score indicates a clear winner then
that team is immediately declared the winner. Five different players must be used for this shootout.
C. A sudden death shootout alternating with one (1) shot per team. The winner will be declared
after each team has shot an equal number of pucks and one team has a one (1) goal lead. The original five
players used under Rule B and goalies are not allowed to shoot under Rule C. This will continue until one
team has used all of its available players at which time the shootout will end even if tied.
D . Rankings going into Round 2. Overtime and shootouts may be limited by the available ice
time at the discretion of the Tournament Director
4. LENGTH OF GAMES: Game time slots are 1 hour and 15 minutes. Each game will consist of three 13 minute stop time
periods, unless any of the following occur:
A . At the end of the second period if less than 24 minutes is remaining in the game time slot the referee will
direct the timekeeper to put one half of the remaining time on the clock for the third period. B . If a seven goal
spread exists at any time during the second period, or a five goal spread exists at any time during the third
period, running time will commence. If the scoring spread returns to less than a 5 goal differential, then stop
time will be reinstated. C . At any point the Tournament Director or an official representative may initiate
running time when it is necessary to do so to avoid jeopardizing the Tournament Schedule. During running
time, the length of penalties will remain of the duration prescribed by USA Hockey rules. During running time,
the clock will be stopped only for goals, penalties, and injuries and the clock will resume running upon the drop
of the puck during the ensuing face-off. If a penalty expires during a stoppage in play, the penalized player may
not return to the ice until play has resumed. D . At the discretion of the Tournament Director and before a
Championship game begins, stop time periods may be increased in Championship games from 13 minutes each
to up to 15 minutes each. In that case then rule 4.A. will change to read “…if less than 30 minutes is
5. TIME-OUTS: No time-outs will be allowed in first round games, if a team calls a time-out, a two minute bench penalty to
be called. During the Consolation and Championship games each team will be permitted one time-out of one minute duration,
and can only be called during a stoppage in play. If a team calls a second time-out, a two minute bench penalty will be called.
6. HOME/VISITOR BENCH & UNIFORMS: The “Home” team will use light colored jerseys. The Home team will use the
bench on the south side of the rink and the Visiting team will use the bench on the north side (closest to scoreboard). If
your team does not have two sets of jerseys it is your responsibility to contact the opposing team’s officials to coordinate
any change in jersey colors and notify the on ice officials of the change.
7. ARRIVAL AT GAMES: All teams should arrive at the Ice Arena one (1) hour before the scheduled game time, and be ready
to start their game up to 30 minutes early. Any team not ready to go onto the ice at the scheduled game time and/or up to 30
minutes ahead of the scheduled game time, shall forfeit the game at the discretion of the Tournament Director or Representative. If
a team forfeits a game for any reason prior to the start of the game, the forfeited game shall be recorded as a 1-0 victory for the
non-offending team.
8. SCORE SHEETS: The score sheets will be filled out at the check-in/information table up to one hour before each game.
All bench coaches must sign the score sheet. The player’s names must be filled out in alphabetical order by last name. Your
copy of the score sheet will be available at the main information table after the conclusion of the game.
9. LOCKER ROOM PROCEDURES : Keys to the locker rooms at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena will be used by off ice
officials only. They will be locked during games and will be unlocked once a SafeSport certified coach or volunteer is present.
Locker rooms will be inspected before and after your team’s use. Locker rooms are for players, managers, and coaches only. A
coach or manager is required to be in the locker room with the team at all times. Any player(s) ejected from a game must be
accompanied to the locker room by a team official and that team official must remain in the locker room with the player until
the player changes and leaves the locker room. A player ejected from a game will not be allowed in the locker room by
themselves under any circumstances. Please clean up and vacate the locker rooms within 20 minutes of the conclusion of your
10. DAMAGES TO RINK AND FACILITIES: Should any player or players, coaches, managers, parents or friends willfully
damage any property at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena or any other tournament facility or Hotel, all costs for repairs or
replacement shall be borne by the team or teams involved. Immediate arrangements for restitution must be made with the Rink or
respective manager. Infractions of this rule will be grounds for dismissal of the offending team from the remainder of this as well
as all future tournaments hosted by the Santa Rosa Junior Hockey Club.
11. SPORTSMANSHIP : Fighting, abusive behavior, profane or vulgar language, or unsportsmanlike conduct by players,
team officials, or spectators will not be tolerated, either on or off the ice, and will be grounds for a team’s removal from the
tournament without refund of any nature. The Referees and the Tournament Officials shall have the option of ending any
game immediately should they feel that the players or game officials are endangered. In such case, the Tournament Director
and the On Ice Officials will determine the outcome of the game. Any team that is ejected or that withdraws from the
tournament will be considered to be in “last place” in its division.
12. PENALTIES AND DISCIPLINE: USA Hockey Official Playing Rules shall govern the assessment of penalties. An
individual player or team will be immediately ejected from the tournament for just cause, which is defined as anything that the
tournament officials see as severely detracting from the quality of the tournament including but not limited to, abusing or
damaging arena or other tournament facilities. This includes incidents occurring outside the tournament and arena that require a
police presence or any other actions by teams, players, coaches, parents or friends of the team that put any other persons’ well
being in jeopardy.

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